Skin Care- Eye Skin Care Tips

Your skin should look fabulous and healthy especially this summer season.  Most of us take care of our skin but we are not too keen with the skin around our eyes.  The skin around the eyes develop fine lines and wrinkles when not taken care of.
The skin around the eyes are thinner and more sensitive to many environmental and external factors that can cause damage.  If you want to maintain a healthy and fabulous looking skin you need to pay attention to your skin regimen.  To prevent your face from getting fine lines and wrinkles you need to have a skin care routine specifically formulated for the eye skin area. If you want to radiate beauty and freshness you can do this by simply following proper skin care routine for the eyes.

Baggy eyes will make you look tired and stressed.  To reduce the puffiness you can use special eye products like under eye creams formulated with vitamin K and wild chestnut or caffeine eye rollers.  This products will help reduce the puffiness created by the water retained under the eyes.
Having enough sleep will help make your eye skin are look healthy.  Dark circles and puffiness is caused by lack of sleep.
Use a specially formulated eye cream in your eye skin area.  The skin surrounding the eyes are more sensitive compared to the other skin areas.  Apply the cream in a gentle tapping motion starting from the outside eye corner going to the inside area.
The cucumber slices are the best way to pamper the skin around the eyes.  It is rich in minerals that can be absorbed by the skin.
Maintain a sleeping position that will allow your head to be a bit higher than the rest of the body to prevent puffiness.
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