5 Beauty Tips For Winter Running

5 Beauty Tips For Winter Running

Get out your pocketbooks because it’s that time of year again. While Christmas shopping, be sure to save room in your budget to stock up on items that will help keep your skin and body healthy as you continue running into the winter months.
Most of us are not extremely concerned about our looks while we are running. However, both men and women should take care of themselves and be aware of the damage that winter running can cause.
Here are five beauty tips that are essential for winter running:

Keep your skin hydrated.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the cooler temperatures mean that you no longer need to drink as much water. Not only is water clearly a vital nutrient and important to a healthy diet, it also serves to keep my skin hydrated.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

As soon as the weather turns colder, many of us notice that our skin gets much dryer (my knuckles will crack and bleed). To maintain healthy skin, I exfoliate with a sugar hand/body scrub and a loofah in the shower before applying a moisturizer. I re-moisturize several times throughout the day. If I am running outside in the elements, I keep in mind that any exposed skin will need extra moisturizer. I’m also generous in my use of lip balm.

Put your best face forward. 

Sweating is rough on my face. For the ladies, sweat + makeup = a nasty, salty, clogged-pore mess. I clean my face after every workout. I remove my makeup before I go to bed, and I use a good moisturizer or night cream.

Pamper with peds.

Looking for a great Christmas gift for that runner on your list (or a wonderful treat for yourself)? How about a soothing winter pedicure? Just because we packed the sandals away doesn’t mean that we should neglect our feet! As runners, our feet take a pounding, and dry skin will continue to plague our toes in the winter months. Keep them smooth and moisturized. If your budget is tight, an occasional foot bath at home is wonderful!

Have healthy hair. 

The cold weather contributes to the dryness of my hair. I use good hair products such as those with a moisture boost or those specially made for color-treated hair, which combat dryness and help lock in moisture.

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