Top 5 Summer Beauty Tips

Let’s face it: Summer is always the most anticipated season of the year. However, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. With the hotter months already here, the dry weather can wreak havoc on our skin. If you’re a beach bum and love spending time soaking up the sun, surf, and sand, you might have already noticed the unpleasant effects of the weather on your skin and face.
If you have particularly dry skin, you might be finding this weather interchange more annoying than most when it comes to the humidity and heat. You’ll need to take extra care of your skin – but that doesn’t mean the other skin types get to slack off! In fact, every skin type will need to work overtime to ensure their skin doesn’t succumb to the dry and often cruel effects of high temperatures.
To help you through the heat, here are the top 5 beauty secrets for summer when it comes to your skin and face:

1. Drink water: Don’t get hit with dehydration this summer. Not only does it damage the skin by creating unwanted lines – and in severe cases, scaly skin – but it will also leave you feeling exhausted and may result in nasty headaches. Make sure you drink plenty of water so that your skin gets the right amount of moisture necessary to continue to perform its many essential tasks, namely helping to heal the skin faster and protecting your body from daily exposure to bacteria.

2. Opt for tinted moisturiser: If the thought of going bare is terrifying, there is an alternative to foundation: try a tinted moisturiser such as Vitamin E Cool BB Cream from The Body Shop. Lighter than foundation but still offering the same coverage, this tinted moisturiser will feel better on your skin as the days get hotter. Another benefit of this product is that it won’t feel like it’s melting off your face or appear ‘cakey’, unlike foundation. Simply apply to a cleansed face until it dissolves seamlessly into the skin. It’s a makeup base without the fuss!

3. Treat sunburn with natural remedies: Unfortunately, we are a sunburnt country. When you soak in too much Vitamin D, you are at risk of getting sunburnt. To avoid this, ensure you lather on Spa of the World™ Hawaiian Kukui Cream from The Body Shop all over after being out in the sun. With all natural ingredients, this fast-acting moisturiser absorbs quickly, helping to hold in moisture that was lost due to the sun’s rays.

4. Keep your make-up melt-proof with a primer: If you do decide to use foundation instead of a tinted moisturiser, a primer will help keep your makeup intact. Skin Primer Moisture It 01 from The Body Shop works effectively to seals the pores and leave the skin with a natural, even appearance. This also helps to keep your makeup intact with the rising temperatures.

5. Look after your lips: Parched lips are a cold weather and a warm weather issue. The dry air can cause your lips to shrivel and even get sunburnt, leaving nasty cracks all over your mouth. Keep your lips hydrated with Wild Argan Oil Solid Lip Oil from The Body Shop. Simply dip finger into the pot and scoop a small amount of product, and then apply onto your lips. Apply several times a day to avoid further chapped, drying effects.
While a good night’s rest between 8-10 hours is ideal and beneficial to achieving good skin in the summer, we all know that work, social, and other types of commitments may prevent this from occurring. This can be especially difficult when the temperature rises, making sleeping in your bedroom almost impossible. Even if you don’t fit in the recommended amount of sleep into your lifestyle, you can still get great-looking skin in the hotter months by following these great summer beauty secrets.

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