I want to look good for my husband

Highest weight recorded: 86 kgs

Weight loss: 14 kgs (5 feet 5 inches)

Lifestyle mistakes:

All my growing up years I was in love with junk food. I always gorged on maggi, pizza, chocolates, burgers and cokes and never ever thought of following a fitness routine despite all the excess weight. Due to my weight, I faced issues in conceiving. So when my doctor instructed me to lose kilos, I started to workout in a gym. It lasted a month and then I continued working out at home. Soon I conceived and I had to quit my workout. But then post delivery my weight shot up to 86 kgs and I couldn't control my food cravings.

Turning point:

One day surfing through our family pictures, I noticed that my husband looks younger than me, despite being 8 years older to me. It jolted me. I wanted to feel hot for my husband again. I never wanted to be this 'fat ugly' woman for my family. Soon thereafter, I joined a nearby gym and did it rigorously starting with 15 minutes to 1.5 hours workout daily for two years. And I started to see results. Though they were slow but still they were showing. I didn't follow any diet chart but cut down on the quantity of food and started to eat less junk food. Also, I ate only poha and upma for dinner.

Morning meal:

My morning starts with a cup of tea with no sugar. At 7:40am, I take one boiled egg with a glass of toned milk and leave for my gym.


After coming back from the gym, I take dal or any veggie with yoghurt. Then if I feel hungry, I take berries smoothie without sugar. After a few hours, I take green tea.


I have my dinner by 6-7pm, which consists of salad primarily. Sometimes I add baked chicken, salmon, dal or any veggie. I follow it up with a cup of green tea after sometime.

If in between I have any craving, I eat a block of dark chocolate with 70% coco in it. If at night, I feel hungry, I take 5-6 walnuts. Also, I make sure I have 2-3 liters of water daily.


For workout, I do cardios on Tuesday and Thursday for one hour each and I follow interval training on machines. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are for chest, biceps, triceps, legs and hips. And daily after this routine, I do abs and free hand exercises for one and a half hours, which is common.

I indulge in:

Rice and roti once or twice a week, that too one chapati or at times two. I eat rice meant for obese and diabetics. If at times I feel like eating bread, I take multi-grain brown bread with two boiled eggs.

Recipes I swear by:

Tandoori chicken and baked fish

How do I stay motivated:

I shifted to Norway two and a half years ago. Seeing people fit here motivated me further. I didn't join any gym for two years but continued with jogging and exercise at home. But it became monotonous and finally I joined a nearby gym. Seeing people here motivates me daily. And now since six months I have actually started taking care of my protein and carbs intake.

I have always believed in one notion, slow and steady wins the race. Keeping this in mind, I still workout for 2 -3 hours daily (Monday to Friday). I believe that one day I will reach my desired weight, with a flat tummy and a very healthy body.

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