5 Tips for Women for Facing the Day

1- To be beautiful, slim and full of energy, women must vigorously exercise each day until there is sweat on the brow. (This is imperative during menopause!) 

2- It is an excellent idea to exercise before you eat anything in the morning and to take a walk or gentle exercise after dinner each evening.

3- A woman should stretch her elbows 2-3 times a day in order to keep her glandular system in tune. How do you stretch your elbows? You’ll feel a stretch of the nerve (along the back of the elbow) if you do it right.

4- Life nerve stretch—daily—sit down with your legs extended. Reach for your toes and bend forward with straight legs, bringing your nose between your knees; your elbows should touch the floor. As long as a woman maintains this standard of the pose, she will stay young. As you get older the third vertebra shrinks; this exercise stretches the spine at the third vertebra keeping you flexible and strong.

5- A woman should nap 11 minutes—twice a day.

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